About Me

Hi! I’m Becky. I know that the name of my blog is “Book to the Becky” but I’m overall obsessed with pop culture. You name it, I am probably into it. Except for country music. That’s not really my jam.

In terms of books, I read mostly fantasy (both adult and YA) with a dash of YA contemporary. Okay, so it’s definitely more than a dash of YA contemporary. I am slowly getting into adult contemporary and manga.

If you want to talk movies and tv, I pretty much watch everything. I am particularly into heist films, so much so that I’m in the process of making a podcast dedicated to that. Will link you when it is live! Other favorites include: The Good Place, Stranger Things, Inception, The Goonies, Mission Impossible, anything Disney puts out, etc.

As for music, I listen to a range of things. From khiphop to Broadway to pop punk. I’m all over the place.

When I’m not gushing over my latest obsession, I write and do comedy. Sometimes I travel. Follow me on my social platforms linked above.

If you would like to contact me, please email me at booktothebecky@gmail.com.